TikTok Resumes ▪ The future of job hunting 2024?

i`ve been someone on both sides of a job interview i`ve been the person who has applied and sent in so many resumes and I have been the person that`s had to look through so many resumes and just like you I hate it but TikTok is changing the game because they`re now offering a new option that`s gonna be so much better for everyone and it`s going to be great what a time to be alive.

Hey friends my name is mary Lou Mandel and my mission is to encourage and empower you to create digital content on this platform I make content about making content so if you`re into that kind of thing please do subscribe I also like to share with you the up and coming things in content creation and this TikTok resume thing is very exciting because content creators like you or like me can actually express ourselves and make ourselves shine in a way that we already understand and enjoy so I think for job seekers of all kinds and even the people on the other side of these resumes,

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It`s just going to be a better way of finding a good fit so this is a new program and I believe that it maybe is only for the month of July that they`re trying it out but I do want to share with you what it is and what we know so far so TikTok resumes so it`s uh brands are accepting resumes that are TikToks currently only in the us and you know you`re probably already familiar with TikTok but it is an entertainment platform a short form vertical video.

It`s quirky it is the place where you really show your personality and you can really just be yourself so the fact that they are taking that art form and using it as a way to connect uh job seekers with jobs I think is really great because it`s a better way to see someone`s personality is video and like I have said in my other recent video.

Video is where it`s at video is where it`s going to be so you better get on board with video but if you`re not into video like you`re probably not on this channel but if you`re not into video there are plenty of other ways that you can still communicate because like if you`re voice only you got clubhouse and you got spotify green room.

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If you`re text only you got twitter you got blogs there`s plenty of things for everyone but if you can get into video it`s just going to give you that edge that`s that you`re going to want that you`re going to need in order to to find your dream job because if you`re a video creator then a dream job off of TikTok is probably going to be a good fit for you.

All right so TikTok resumes it`s a pilot program and it`s an expansion of a like job recruitment college program that they already have but this is for everyone like I actually looked at it and there are jobs that I could apply for there`s all different levels of jobs it`s not just for kids not just for executives there`s jobs all over the place with this and they have a really good employers that are looking like you got chipotle target aloe yoga shopify and a few other ones.

We`ll look at that full list in a little bit but they`re interested in seeing tick-tock videos so tick-tock went and sought them out and was like hey we`re trying this thing can you be part of it and they`re like yes yes and those are like forward-thinking companies that I want you to work for because we don`t want to live in the dark ages anymore and you`re going to use the hashtag TikTok resume.

I`ll go through a whole list of best practices that have been shared with us through tiktok um to to get you your best foot in the door because it`s just a short window that they`re trying this out and we`re going to go to the site TikTok resumes dot com so if you want to see what the job listings are it`s ticktackresumes.com and then there`s also going to be a way for you to submit your your TikTok resume.

When we head to ticktockresumes.com you`re going to see the option to click to search the job openings so you can find that you`re going to search the job openings first and then you`re going to apply through this so you`re going to want to like you can look at this on your computer but eventually I think you`re going to have to do this from your phone so it can bring you to the TikTok app in order to actually apply for this but you know let`s give it a try.

Let`s actually apply for something but you can see tons of companies we got Abercrombie and Fitch we got aloe yoga chipotle elf beauty forever 21 hum is like a vitamin company I believe nascar pop sugar target even TikTok is uh is hiring in here vainer media lots of options for all sorts of people and they`re not just media jobs so like the target one is warehouse operations right so can are you you`re going to be amazing at managing a warehouse go and send your TikTok.

It`s in a bunch of different locations if you are in media the pop sugar one does have a social producer supervising social producer position so when I looked through the ones this is if I were applying for jobs if I were on the job hunt this is the one that would probably be a good fit for me so we click on learn more and then it`s going to give you the job description of what you can find on this page right it`s so interesting.

We have got we got some friends here in the chats we got will is hanging out with us from the living room watching this and I got to change this font so it is white so we can see your words there we go that should be better huh there it is yes and Sammy is hanging out with us you`ve been trying to get into tick-tock you hate editing on your phone I get it I get it but it restarts the app also so much social to keep up with so it is difficult it is a challenge.

My first tip there is edit in cap cut or edit outside of those apps because I hate it will edits in TikTok and he does fine but I try to do the most and it always makes the apps crash so I edit outside of the apps and then I bring them in but we can talk about that another time and that`s going to be a course that I have got coming up in august so keep an eye out for that but I do have some tutorials already on the channel there`s a whole playlist of cap cut tutorials that`s starting to grow and get saucy but when you are in those apps and they crash it is frustrating so I get it.

I know that there are so many places to be but if TikTok is a way that you like to express yourself and short form vertical video is how you like to express yourself then TikTok is a good place to be like making resumes so this supervising social producer we`ve got all sorts of different um requirements and job description what`s nice to have right solid branded and sold content experience but they want to make sure you know how to use a DSLR but you also know how to use social platforms.

This is actually like this job is asking for a lot so when you are ready to apply to one and you find this one um let`s see we oh we got a question here this is the wrong button is it me or are you a teacher not being rude I am a teacher here on youtube I am not a teacher in a official classroom but I do love to share this information with you um so with this when you are ready here at the bottom corner let me make sure you can see this in the bottom corner is going to say submit your TikTok resume.

It`s going to ask you to agree let`s go ahead and try to move forward with this and then it`s going to give you a form to fill out first name last name contact information yes and it looks like you do make your TikTok separately so you`re gonna make your resume your your TikTok resume first and then come back and enter the link in here and then if you have a LinkedIn profile you`ll enter that in and then you can submit.

There`s a few different things to note here so you might want to know where do you find your TikTok link and it is pretty easy let`s see if this video will play for us all right so yes you`re going to press the like share button there`s like a little button on the side and a little arrow that`s like where if you were going to send it to a friend you would click on that but there`ll be a little bubble that says copy link and that`s where you will get your link to that specific TikTok.

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So a few things to remember when you are making these resumes is you want to you know highlight why you would be a good asset so these companies they`re not going to be hit out of the blue with the fact that this is TikTok style they want it to be TikTok style so you can share your personality in explaining how you do things so it can be quirky and it can be weird but they don`t want you to say your last name in your email in the TikTok.

Because this is going to be public people can see this your followers can see this it is not a private video so don`t put that information in there that`s why it is there in the application page you want to keep it public for one month so the remote the recruiters can see it because this is just currently running until july 31st so I see that they are just kind of testing this out and you want to make sure you keep the music low so if you`re going to put music in it like keep it fun.

That`s awesome but keep the music low and you want to film in vertical because that is TikTok TikTok game right and you want to use hashtag tick talk resume on there as well so it can be searchable of anybody that`s looking for TikTok resumes they can also find you there they want you to use tools effects like essentially they want you to make it a TikTok so they want you to get creative and they want you I want you to go get your money.

We got Sammy here saying thanks for the tips been watching the videos thank you I appreciate it you run a business and you run lives every few weeks but most of the customers are shifting from Facebook`s and Instagram to TikTok.

Yes I can second that that is a thing I see it every day that people are like i`m done with that world and they`re going over to this world because it`s just a different vibe over there and yeah I do hope that it is available in Australia.

I think you might be talking about capco I hope that it is available over there it is made by the same company that makes TikTok so I assume that it`s going to be available the same places that TikTok is available so hopefully you can get that and if it is about the jobs that one is currently about in only in the u.s so wait on that but I do hope that it does spread out because I think that this is going to be a really good thing I mean I want you to find a job that is perfect for you that you are going to enjoy and you know there`s options here you know it is not just right that was one media job.

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If we look at say what forever 21 what are you looking for a brand ambassador so this is somebody just like a sales associate that works in the store in Miami Florida like amazing when I was at this level I would have been so excited to just be able to do a resume that was a video instead of having to type up a resume because at that level especially you don`t have experience yet so you`re like I don`t know I am just making things up so really going to be a good thing.

I hope I hope I hope and if you do make this please tag me in it I want someone to make a resume that`s like Elle woods in her Harvard application I would absolutely love that and please send it to me please tag me and if you haven`t connected with me yet on TikTok on Instagram.