Words Not To Use In A Resume in 2024

Welcome back to a new lesson. Well do you think your resume needs an update? Well, it does need an update if it has words that are overused and most of the HR people or the hiring managers are literally done looking at them.

Most of the resumes at least that`s what we have observed are like these ticket of Deadwood words the words that are so overused that it just loses the real meaning.

So it`s important for you to choose your words correctly and wisely. Because a resume is a presentation of your work and yourself.

Here is a list of words and phrases for you that you need to avoid. Okay? We are going to start with the first one that is:

Communication skills

We’ll have you observed people writing in their resume that I`m good at communication skills. Really okay and why can`t you use this well because the real meaning of communication skills is that. You are able to speak but why do you have to mention that in your resume.

If your resume is well written then it`s inevitable that your communication skills would be great. Because you can`t really judge yourself by saying. Oh! I am great at communication skills so that`s exactly the reason. Why you need to avoid writing?

This in your resume if you are selected for a personal interview, okay? You go for an interview you get a chance to show off your communication skills. You should concentrate on writing a good resume and please do not write that you are good at communication skills.


All right, the next one is skillful or in fact many people write “I am really great in my skills”. Doesn`t make sense at all. Because your skills are not going to be showed in a resume right for an employer or for a hiring manager. It makes no sense when he reads that you are skillful.

It doesn`t make any sense and the reason because none of your skills can be proven in a resume so why include that in your resume. Even if you want to then please pack it up with some examples that would show off your skills clearly. Please make sure to avoid using the word:

I am skillful or I`m great at problem-solving skills


Subdue avoid that then the third one is hard-working. Are you hard-working? Well most of the people I come across are very hard-working. Be it my maid, my electrician, my plumber, etc. They all are hardworking people so why would you add this in your resume!

Isn`t it obvious that if you are gonna work for a company then you are gonna put all your efforts so why show it off in your resume, okay? It doesn`t make a good impression to the employer.

So kindly do not write that I am hardworking and even if you want to show that how hard-working. You are then please pack it up with examples.


The other one is detail-oriented. Now many people really work closely like they are extremely detailed oriented which is a great thing. Bit I am not saying that it`s a bad point but when you add it in your resume again and again.

It doesn`t make any sense to the employer because he will wonder then what kind of detailed work you can do.  He would just not understand why you have included this in your resume but yes, when it comes to a personal interview you can mention this and even when you`re mentioning it.

Please tell him about that about your past experience and how it would benefit the employer by he or she or by you being detail-oriented. Avoid this word in your resume but when you go for a personal round do say it next one is experience walking in most of the people in the resume.

Do mention this but experience is something that happens to go you through it. It`s your experience putting that in a resume makes no sense. So avoid this in fact instead of writing your experience or your background.


If you want to really mention it in your resume then make it by saying your achievements. Rights? You can use the term achievements but please avoid experience in your resume because this is something that you go through.

It happens to your employer would not understand it but when he reads achievements he knows or she knows what you mean.

The last one is highly motivated everyone loves to say that how motivated you are but avoid this putting it on your resume. If you write that learning and acquiring new skills makes me feel motivated then yes I understand that it makes sense.

But by just saying I`m highly motivated makes no sense in the resume. In fact it`s quite bizarre the employer would think that why have you really put in this phrase. Of course, when you work for a company it`s important for you to be motivated but putting it in your resume he would not get a clue that what you exactly mean.

So please avoid this so these are certain words and phrases that you need to avoid then you are writing your resume top notch. Choose them wisely and let me know. If you need any help to update your resume keep writing in to us.